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This website is made for all lovers of reggae music and Jamaican culture. If you love and feel reggae music and Jamaican culture, you’re definitely on the right place. This is the place where we share news from reggae music industry, place where new artists get a chance to introduce themselves, place where you can find one love for all nations – place with positive vibes only. Most of all, this is not just a news website, but also a place for community – for all reggae music fans. All fans are more than welcome to join and share their stories. This is the place where fans of reggae music have a chance to write the stories with us, to be our eyes around the world, to be part of this website – not just as readers, but also as writers and story makers (see Community category).

About Categories:

News: Here you will find all latest news from reggae music industry.

Artists: Every week we will introduce Artist of the week and New Artists on the scene.

Festivals: Here you can read more detailed information about featured reggae music festivals.

Dates: Check out this category to find out upcoming festivals and events. You can see last 5 upcoming events also on the right side of the homepage, but on this page – you have a complete overview of important events and festivals.

Interviews: This is the place where we share new and old (but never forgotten) interviews from biggest reggae artists and also from new voices.

Music: Here we will be presenting new releases, playlists, live performances. Hit the play and enjoy.

Community: This is the place where we would like to include YOU. If you have visited any reggae festival/concert, please contact us and we will feature you on this website. You will be asked to answer few very simple questions (example) and to provide few pictures from that festival/concert. This is our community – the place where we will share stories, pictures and connect with each other. There are so many good reggae concerts around the world and sadly we can’t visit all of them. Having an idea that we would have members of this website on festivals around the world, makes us happy. We don’t want to miss anything and the only way to be part of all festivals around the world is through YOU. Share your stories, how you spend your time on festivals, your favourite artists, pictures, your friends, your way of joy. Everything you want. Contact us at: info@rootsrockreggae.tv

Blog: Here you can read some random thoughts, facts about Jamaican culture, history, interesting documentaries, topics,…anything actually.

Forum: Another place where we can connect with each other. Place where we can talk, share thoughts, questions and anything you want.

We would like to think about this website as a place where new talents will get a chance to be heard. If you’re a new/uprising artist and want people to hear you, this is the place where you are welcome. Contact us and we will gladly introduce you on this website.

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