Date of Concert: 25. November 1979

Place of Concert:  County Bowl, Santa Barbara, California


  1. Positive Vibration
  2. Wake Up and Live
  3. I Shot the Sheriff
  4. Ambush in the Night
  5. Concrete Jungle
  6. Running Away
  7. Crazy Baldhead
  8. Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)
  9. The Heathen
  10. Ride Natty Ride
  11. Africa Unite
  12. One Drop
  13. Exodus
  14. So Much Things to Say
  15. Zimbabwe
  16. Jamming
  17. Is This Love
  18. Kinky Reggae
  19. Stir It Up
  20. Get Up, Stand Up

Bob Marley: Live in Santa Barbara was a part of the Wailers tour for promotion of their Survival album. This was the third and last performance at the Santa Barbara County Bowl. Sadly, 16 months after this concert, the legend has passed away. Most inspiring thing is, that he was already diagnosed with cancer when he was performing on this stage, but he went on the tour anyway. He didn’t spend his last years waiting for death, he was out there for us – sharing his words, love, fighting for unity and connecting people. That’s why his legacy will never die. He lives through hearts of all of us. He truly is the king and inspiration.

On the stage you can see also Aston and Carlton Barrett on bass and drums, Tyrone Downie and Earl Lindo on keyboards, Junior Marvin and Al Anderson on lead guitar, Devon Evans and Alvin Patterson on percussion, Glen DaCosta on saxophone, Dave Madden on trumpet and the “I Threes” (Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths and Marley’s wife Rita) on backing vocals.

Bless Up King!! Bob Marley lives on!!