Jesse Royal is not wasting his time. Gimme Likkle single, released in 2014, is getting a VIDEO! They finally finished with shooting it and based on photos below, I can say this will be another Royal music video. I expect nothing less than awesome!

How would you describe the photo below? Heaven? 😉 Would you chill in plantation like this? Just looking at it, I feel relaxed. Lots of green I can say. :)

gimme likkle

Probably on the way to the above’s plantation, right? :)

gimme likkle

Jesse Royal and Jay Will (Game Over) on the set of Gimme Likkle video shoot. Big up!

gimme likkle

If you listen to the lyrics, see sneak peek photos above..well, nothing else needs to be said. Bring it on, we can’t wait! :)

One Love,