Two years after the release of The 8 Year Affair album, Jamaican artist Protoje has finally released his third album Ancient Future. Album will take you to the early 80’s with today’s modern melodies of hip hop, reggae and dancehall music. He takes past to the future. With other words, with this album Protoje is taking the ancient reggae music to the next level. This is future reggae, the new sound of reggae. And guess what? People love it! Album has already received positive critics around the world. Furthermore, it has debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Album Charts! Well deserved indeed!

protoje_2“When I write lyrics and get to hear them it’s almost like looking in a mirror. I try to be honest to what I was feeling in my chest and speak it to get the chance to reflect and learn from it. The music on this album allowed me the freedom to do so. Working with Winta has really made me into a better artist in that having observed me as an artist over the years he was able to evaluate my strength and weaknesses,” says Protoje in a press release.

With strong lyrics and modern reggae melodies, Protoje has proved himself as a great artist and lyricist once again. Every song has its own story, its own message to the people. As Protoje said to the Billboard this album has a greater mission: “The whole point of this album is to pay respect to the ones that came before me and let people of my generation know about Prince Buster, Ini Kamoze and others they might have never heard of. This music didn’t start with me, Chronixx or Kabaka, without the artists who preceded us, we would have nothing to stand on.”

This is why I like this album. He takes the old school reggae into more modern reggae beats. With lyrics that everyone can relate to, lyrics that encourage love and peace, melodies that take you to the island of sun and peace. I don’t want to leave that island. Hence, I hit replay. Music never stops. I hear the story, I feel the story, I love the story.


If you haven’t listened the Ancient Future album yet, hit the playlist below and let me know what you think.

Release date: 10. March 2015

Number of tracks: 11

Feauturing: Jesse Royal, Sevana, Mortimer, Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid

Produced by: Winta James

01 – Protection (4:33)
02 – Criminal (3:55)
03 – Who Knows (3:28)
04 – All Will Have to Change (5:24)
05 – Stylin’ (3:32)
06 – Love Gone Cold (4:48)
07 – Sudden Flight (3:40)
08 – Bubblin’ (4:18)
09 – Answer to Your Name (3:54)
10 – Who Can You Call (3:50)
11 – The Flame (5:19)