We present you the first part of Protoje’s new series called The Message! The series are all  about the lyrics in his songs and stories behind them. Video below was shot by Yannick  Reid.

                    “This first episode is on ‘Criminal,’ the second track from the Ancient Future album. It’s a tune that touches on some very serious issues in Jamaica’s history. For example, there is a line that goes “…ask about what happen on September 11, 1987. Yeah, them kill we bredrins Tosh and Free I… so Rasta Reggae Radio would never see the light.” I put that in there because it is said that the legendary Peter Tosh, along with Free I, were working on launching a “Rasta Reggae Radio” station before they were murdered in cold blood on that date. So, Jamaica had it’s own 9/11, sort of, because things could have been different today if they were able to pull that off back then.”Protoje

Watch the video shot by Yannick  Reid: