Video: ‘Herbalist’ by Cali P. @ Summerjam 2015

Video: ‘Herbalist’ by Cali P. @ Summerjam 2015

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CALI P. @ Summerjam 2015

Check out video of CALI P. performing at Summerjam festival 2015!!

*This video was filmed by our team – please note that filming at Summerjam festival was not allowed, but we gave our best to film some performances anyway. However, because of ‘hiding’ (we are not teaching you to break the rules though) and dancing, jumping, waving – videos are a little bit shaky. All videos were filmed from the first row or from the VIP Press place. If you ever wonder how does it look like to enjoy performance of Cali P. from the first row at one of the biggest reggae festivals in Europe, now you can see yourself. The audience was big and the vibes are amazing!

Check it out!

Video: ‘Herbalist’ by Cali P. @ Summerjam 2015 Enjoy!

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